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JNA API 5.10.0

Interface Cryptui

    • Field Detail

      • INSTANCE

        static final Cryptui INSTANCE
    • Method Detail

      • CryptUIDlgSelectCertificateFromStore

        WinCrypt.CERT_CONTEXT.ByReference CryptUIDlgSelectCertificateFromStore(WinCrypt.HCERTSTORE hCertStore,
                                                                               WinDef.HWND hwnd,
                                                                               java.lang.String pwszTitle,
                                                                               java.lang.String pwszDisplayString,
                                                                               int dwDontUseColumn,
                                                                               int dwFlags,
                                                                               PointerType pvReserved)
        The CryptUIDlgSelectCertificateFromStore function displays a dialog box that allows the selection of a certificate from a specified store.
        hCertStore - Handle of the certificate store to be searched.
        hwnd - Handle of the window for the display. If NULL, defaults to the desktop window.
        pwszTitle - String used as the title of the dialog box. If NULL, the default title, "Select Certificate," is used.
        pwszDisplayString - Text statement in the selection dialog box. If NULL, the default phrase, "Select a certificate you want to use," is used.
        dwDontUseColumn - Flags that can be combined to exclude columns of the display.
        dwFlags - Currently not used and should be set to 0.
        pvReserved - Reserved for future use.
        Returns a pointer to the selected certificate context. If no certificate was selected, NULL is returned. When you have finished using the certificate, free the certificate context by calling the CertFreeCertificateContext function.
JNA API 5.10.0

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