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JNA API 5.10.0


  • Enclosing interface:

    public static class Ddeml.MONLINKSTRUCT
    extends Structure
    Contains information about a Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) advise loop. A DDE monitoring application can use this structure to obtain information about an advise loop that has started or ended.


    Because string handles are local to the process, the hszSvc, hszTopic, and hszItem members are global atoms.

    The hConvClient and hConvServer members of the MONLINKSTRUCT structure do not hold the same value as would be seen by the applications engaged in the conversation. Instead, they hold a globally unique pair of values that identify the conversation.

    • Field Detail

      • cb

        public int cb
        The structure's size, in bytes.
      • dwTime

        public int dwTime
        The Windows time at which the advise loop was started or ended. Windows time is the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since the system was booted.
      • hTask

        public WinNT.HANDLE hTask
        A handle to a task (application instance) that is a partner in the advise loop.
      • fEstablished

        public WinDef.BOOL fEstablished
        Indicates whether an advise loop was successfully established. A value of TRUE indicates an advise loop was established; FALSE indicates it was not.
      • fNoData

        public WinDef.BOOL fNoData
        Indicates whether the Ddeml.XTYPF_NODATA flag is set for the advise loop. A value of TRUE indicates the flag is set; FALSE indicates it is not.
      • hszSvc

        public Ddeml.HSZ hszSvc
        A handle to the service name of the server in the advise loop.
      • hszTopic

        public Ddeml.HSZ hszTopic
        A handle to the topic name on which the advise loop is established.
      • hszItem

        public Ddeml.HSZ hszItem
        A handle to the item name that is the subject of the advise loop.
      • wFmt

        public int wFmt
        The format of the data exchanged (if any) during the advise loop.
      • fServer

        public WinDef.BOOL fServer
        Indicates whether the link notification came from the server. A value of TRUE indicates the notification came from the server; FALSE indicates otherwise.
      • hConvServer

        public Ddeml.HCONV hConvServer
        A handle to the server conversation.
      • hConvClient

        public Ddeml.HCONV hConvClient
        A handle to the client conversation.
    • Constructor Detail


        public MONLINKSTRUCT()
JNA API 5.10.0

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