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JNA API 5.10.0


  • Enclosing interface:

    public static class IPHlpAPI.MIB_TCPSTATS
    extends Structure
    The MIB_TCPSTATS structure contains statistics for the TCP protocol running on the local computer.

    In the Windows SDK, the version of the structure for use on Windows Vista and later is defined as MIB_TCPSTATS_LH. In the Windows SDK, the version of this structure to be used on earlier systems including Windows 2000 and later is defined as MIB_TCPSTATS_W2K.

    • Field Detail

      • dwRtoAlgorithm

        public int dwRtoAlgorithm
      • dwRtoMin

        public int dwRtoMin
      • dwRtoMax

        public int dwRtoMax
      • dwMaxConn

        public int dwMaxConn
      • dwActiveOpens

        public int dwActiveOpens
      • dwPassiveOpens

        public int dwPassiveOpens
      • dwAttemptFails

        public int dwAttemptFails
      • dwEstabResets

        public int dwEstabResets
      • dwCurrEstab

        public int dwCurrEstab
      • dwInSegs

        public int dwInSegs
      • dwOutSegs

        public int dwOutSegs
      • dwRetransSegs

        public int dwRetransSegs
      • dwInErrs

        public int dwInErrs
      • dwOutRsts

        public int dwOutRsts
      • dwNumConns

        public int dwNumConns
    • Constructor Detail


        public MIB_TCPSTATS()
JNA API 5.10.0

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