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JNA API 5.10.0


    • Field Detail

      • cbSize

        public int cbSize
        The size, in bytes, of the SP_DEVINFO_DATA structure.
      • InterfaceClassGuid

        public Guid.GUID InterfaceClassGuid
        The GUID of the device's setup class.
      • DevInst

        public int DevInst
        An opaque handle to the device instance (also known as a handle to the devnode). Some functions, such as SetupDiXxx functions, take the whole SP_DEVINFO_DATA structure as input to identify a device in a device information set. Other functions, such as CM_Xxx functions like CM_Get_DevNode_Status, take this DevInst handle as input.
      • Reserved

        public Pointer Reserved
        Reserved. For internal use only.
    • Constructor Detail


        public SP_DEVINFO_DATA()

        public SP_DEVINFO_DATA(Pointer memory)
JNA API 5.10.0

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