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JNA API 5.10.0

Class Sspi.SecPkgContext_Sizes

    • Field Detail

      • cbMaxToken

        public int cbMaxToken
        Specifies the maximum size of the security token used in the authentication exchanges.
      • cbMaxSignature

        public int cbMaxSignature
        Specifies the maximum size of the signature created by the MakeSignature function. This member must be zero if integrity services are not requested or available.
      • cbBlockSize

        public int cbBlockSize
        Specifies the preferred integral size of the messages. For example, eight indicates that messages should be of size zero mod eight for optimal performance. Messages other than this block size can be padded.
      • cbSecurityTrailer

        public int cbSecurityTrailer
        Size of the security trailer to be appended to messages. This member should be zero if the relevant services are not requested or available.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SecPkgContext_Sizes

        public SecPkgContext_Sizes()
    • Method Detail

      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        Description copied from class: Structure
        If jna.dump_memory is true, will include a native memory dump of the Structure's backing memory.
        toString in class Structure
        String representation of this object.
JNA API 5.10.0

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