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JNA API 5.10.0

Class Tlhelp32.PROCESSENTRY32

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    Enclosing interface:

    public static class Tlhelp32.PROCESSENTRY32
    extends Structure
    Describes an entry from a list of the processes residing in the system address space when a snapshot was taken.
    • Field Detail

      • dwSize

        public WinDef.DWORD dwSize
        The size of the structure, in bytes. Before calling the Process32First function, set this member to sizeof(PROCESSENTRY32). If you do not initialize dwSize, Process32First fails.
      • cntUsage

        public WinDef.DWORD cntUsage
        This member is no longer used and is always set to zero.
      • th32ProcessID

        public WinDef.DWORD th32ProcessID
        The process identifier.
      • th32DefaultHeapID

        public BaseTSD.ULONG_PTR th32DefaultHeapID
        This member is no longer used and is always set to zero.
      • th32ModuleID

        public WinDef.DWORD th32ModuleID
        This member is no longer used and is always set to zero.
      • cntThreads

        public WinDef.DWORD cntThreads
        The number of execution threads started by the process.
      • th32ParentProcessID

        public WinDef.DWORD th32ParentProcessID
        The identifier of the process that created this process (its parent process).
      • pcPriClassBase

        public WinDef.LONG pcPriClassBase
        The base priority of any threads created by this process.
      • dwFlags

        public WinDef.DWORD dwFlags
        This member is no longer used, and is always set to zero.
      • szExeFile

        public char[] szExeFile
        The name of the executable file for the process. To retrieve the full path to the executable file, call the Module32First function and check the szExePath member of the MODULEENTRY32 structure that is returned. However, if the calling process is a 32-bit process, you must call the QueryFullProcessImageName function to retrieve the full path of the executable file for a 64-bit process.
    • Constructor Detail


        public PROCESSENTRY32()

        public PROCESSENTRY32(Pointer memory)
JNA API 5.10.0

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