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JNA API 5.10.0


    • Field Detail

      • CreationTime

        public WinNT.LARGE_INTEGER CreationTime
        The time the file was created in FILETIME format, which is a 64-bit value representing the number of 100-nanosecond intervals since January 1, 1601 (UTC).
      • LastAccessTime

        public WinNT.LARGE_INTEGER LastAccessTime
        The time the file was last accessed in FILETIME format.
      • LastWriteTime

        public WinNT.LARGE_INTEGER LastWriteTime
        The time the file was last written to in FILETIME format.
      • ChangeTime

        public WinNT.LARGE_INTEGER ChangeTime
        The time the file was changed in FILETIME format.
      • FileAttributes

        public int FileAttributes
        The file attributes. For a list of attributes, see File Attribute Constants. If this is set to 0 in a FILE_BASIC_INFO structure passed to SetFileInformationByHandle then none of the attributes are changed.
    • Method Detail

      • sizeOf

        public static int sizeOf()
JNA API 5.10.0

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