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JNA API 5.10.0


  • Enclosing interface:

    public static class WinBase.SYSTEM_INFO
    extends Structure
    Contains information about the current computer system. This includes the architecture and type of the processor, the number of processors in the system, the page size, and other such information.
    • Field Detail

      • dwPageSize

        public WinDef.DWORD dwPageSize
        Page size and the granularity of page protection and commitment.
      • lpMinimumApplicationAddress

        public Pointer lpMinimumApplicationAddress
        Pointer to the lowest memory address accessible to applications and dynamic-link libraries (DLLs).
      • lpMaximumApplicationAddress

        public Pointer lpMaximumApplicationAddress
        Pointer to the highest memory address accessible to applications and DLLs.
      • dwActiveProcessorMask

        public BaseTSD.DWORD_PTR dwActiveProcessorMask
        Mask representing the set of processors configured into the system. Bit 0 is processor 0; bit 31 is processor 31.
      • dwNumberOfProcessors

        public WinDef.DWORD dwNumberOfProcessors
        Number of processors in the system.
      • dwProcessorType

        public WinDef.DWORD dwProcessorType
        An obsolete member that is retained for compatibility with Windows NT 3.5 and Windows Me/98/95. Use the wProcessorArchitecture, wProcessorLevel, and wProcessorRevision members to determine the type of processor. PROCESSOR_INTEL_386 PROCESSOR_INTEL_486 PROCESSOR_INTEL_PENTIUM
      • dwAllocationGranularity

        public WinDef.DWORD dwAllocationGranularity
        Granularity for the starting address at which virtual memory can be allocated.
      • wProcessorLevel

        public WinDef.WORD wProcessorLevel
        System's architecture-dependent processor level. It should be used only for display purposes. To determine the feature set of a processor, use the IsProcessorFeaturePresent function. If wProcessorArchitecture is PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_INTEL, wProcessorLevel is defined by the CPU vendor. If wProcessorArchitecture is PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_IA64, wProcessorLevel is set to 1.
      • wProcessorRevision

        public WinDef.WORD wProcessorRevision
        Architecture-dependent processor revision.
    • Constructor Detail


        public SYSTEM_INFO()
JNA API 5.10.0

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