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JNA API 5.10.0


    • Field Detail

      • Version

        public int Version
        The version of this structure. Set this member to 2.
      • Flags

        public int Flags
        A bit flag. If you set the PRINTER_NOTIFY_OPTIONS_REFRESH flag in a call to the FindNextPrinterChangeNotification function, the function provides current data for all monitored printer information fields. The FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification function ignores the Flags member.
      • Count

        public int Count
        The number of elements in the pTypes array.
      • pTypes

        public Winspool.PRINTER_NOTIFY_OPTIONS_TYPE.ByReference pTypes
        A pointer to an array of PRINTER_NOTIFY_OPTIONS_TYPE structures. Use one element of this array to specify the printer information fields to monitor, and one element to specify the job information fields to monitor. You can monitor either printer information, job information, or both.
    • Constructor Detail


JNA API 5.10.0

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