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JNA API 5.12.1

Interface FunctionMapper

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    StdCallFunctionMapper, W32APIFunctionMapper

    public interface FunctionMapper
    Provides mapping of Java method names to native function names. An instance of this interface may be provided to Native.load(String, Class, java.util.Map) as an entry in the options map with key Library.OPTION_FUNCTION_MAPPER.

    There are several circumstances where this option might prove useful.

    • C preprocessor macros are used to allow C code to refer to a library function by a different name
    • Generated linker symbols are different than those used in C code. Windows stdcall functions, for instance, are exported with a special suffix that describes the stack size of the function arguments (see StdCallFunctionMapper).
    • The naming of the C library methods conflicts horribly with your Java coding standards, or are otherwise hard to follow. It's generally better to keep the original function names in this case, to avoid confusion about what's actually being called, but the option is available.
    See Also:
    • Method Detail

      • getFunctionName

        java.lang.String getFunctionName(NativeLibrary library,
                                         java.lang.reflect.Method method)
JNA API 5.12.1

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