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JNA API 5.12.1

Class Udev.UdevEnumerate

    • Constructor Detail

      • UdevEnumerate

        public UdevEnumerate()
    • Method Detail

      • ref

        public Udev.UdevEnumerate ref()
        Acquire a further reference to this object.
        this object, unmodified.
      • unref

        public void unref()
        Drop a reference to this object. Once the reference count hits 0, the context object is destroyed and freed.
      • addMatchSubsystem

        public int addMatchSubsystem(java.lang.String subsystem)
        Modify filters of this object to match a subsystem.
        subsystem - The subsystem to match
        an integer greater than, or equal to, 0 on success.
      • scanDevices

        public int scanDevices()
        Query this object. Scans /sys for all devices which match the given filters. No filters will return all currently available devices.
        an integer greater than, or equal to, 0 on success.
      • getListEntry

        public Udev.UdevListEntry getListEntry()
        Get the first list entry from this object.
        On success, returns the first entry in the list of found devices. If the list is empty, or on failure, NULL is returned.
JNA API 5.12.1

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