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JNA API 5.12.1

Class Kstat2.Kstat2MatcherList

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    public static class Kstat2.Kstat2MatcherList
    extends PointerType
    Opaque kstat match list.
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      • addMatcher

        public int addMatcher(int type,
                              java.lang.String match)
        Convenience method for Kstat2.kstat2_add_matcher(int, String, Kstat2MatcherList) that adds matchers to the provided matcher list. Each call appends the new matcher to the provided matcher list. Matches are on kstat URI, with the following match types supported: Kstat2.KSTAT2_M_STRING which performs a direct strcmp with the kstat URI, Kstat2.KSTAT2_M_GLOB which performs a glob pattern match using gmatch, and Kstat2.KSTAT2_M_RE which performs a Perl Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE) match using pcre_exec.
        type - The type of matcher, from the kstat2_match_type_t enumeration.
        match - The string to match.
        Upon successful completion, returns a int value of Kstat2.KSTAT2_S_OK. If an error occurs a value other than KSTAT2_S_OK is returned.
JNA API 5.12.1

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