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JNA API 5.12.1

Class WinBase.DCB.DCBControllBits

    • Constructor Detail

      • DCBControllBits

        public DCBControllBits()
    • Method Detail

      • getfAbortOnError

        public boolean getfAbortOnError()
      • getfBinary

        public boolean getfBinary()
      • getfDsrSensitivity

        public boolean getfDsrSensitivity()
      • getfDtrControl

        public int getfDtrControl()
      • getfErrorChar

        public boolean getfErrorChar()
      • getfInX

        public boolean getfInX()
      • getfNull

        public boolean getfNull()
      • getfOutX

        public boolean getfOutX()
      • getfOutxCtsFlow

        public boolean getfOutxCtsFlow()
      • getfOutxDsrFlow

        public boolean getfOutxDsrFlow()
      • getfParity

        public boolean getfParity()
      • getfRtsControl

        public int getfRtsControl()
      • getfDummy2

        public int getfDummy2()
      • getfTXContinueOnXoff

        public boolean getfTXContinueOnXoff()
      • setfAbortOnError

        public void setfAbortOnError(boolean fAbortOnError)
        If this member is TRUE, the driver terminates all read and write operations with an error status if an error occurs.
        The driver will not accept any further communications operations until the application has acknowledged the error by calling the ClearCommError function.
        fAbortOnError -
      • setfBinary

        public void setfBinary(boolean fBinary)
        If this member is TRUE, binary mode is enabled.
        Windows does not support nonbinary mode transfers, so this member must be TRUE.
        fBinary -
      • setfDsrSensitivity

        public void setfDsrSensitivity(boolean fDsrSensitivity)
        If this member is TRUE, the communications driver is sensitive to the state of the DSR signal.
        The driver ignores any bytes received, unless the DSR modem input line is high.
        fDsrSensitivity -
fOutxDsrFlow - value to set
fRtsControl -
JNA API 5.12.1

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