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JNA API 4.2.0

Class Platform

  • public final class Platform
    extends Object
    Provide simplified platform information.
    • Field Detail

      • RO_FIELDS

        public static final boolean RO_FIELDS
        Whether read-only (final) fields within Structures are supported.

        public static final boolean HAS_BUFFERS
        Whether this platform provides NIO Buffers.
      • HAS_AWT

        public static final boolean HAS_AWT
        Whether this platform provides the AWT Component class; also false if running headless.
      • HAS_JAWT

        public static final boolean HAS_JAWT
        Whether this platform supports the JAWT library.

        public static final String MATH_LIBRARY_NAME
        Canonical name of this platform's math library.

        public static final String C_LIBRARY_NAME
        Canonical name of this platform's C runtime library.

        public static final boolean HAS_DLL_CALLBACKS
        Whether in-DLL callbacks are supported.

        public static final String RESOURCE_PREFIX
        Canonical resource prefix for the current platform. This value is used to load bundled native libraries from the class path.
      • ARCH

        public static final String ARCH
        Current platform architecture.
    • Method Detail

      • getOSType

        public static final int getOSType()
      • isMac

        public static final boolean isMac()
      • isAndroid

        public static final boolean isAndroid()
      • isLinux

        public static final boolean isLinux()
      • isAIX

        public static final boolean isAIX()
      • isAix

        public static final boolean isAix()
      • isWindowsCE

        public static final boolean isWindowsCE()
      • isWindows

        public static final boolean isWindows()
        Returns true for any windows variant.
      • isSolaris

        public static final boolean isSolaris()
      • isFreeBSD

        public static final boolean isFreeBSD()
      • isOpenBSD

        public static final boolean isOpenBSD()
      • isNetBSD

        public static final boolean isNetBSD()
      • isGNU

        public static final boolean isGNU()
      • iskFreeBSD

        public static final boolean iskFreeBSD()
      • isX11

        public static final boolean isX11()
      • hasRuntimeExec

        public static final boolean hasRuntimeExec()
      • is64Bit

        public static final boolean is64Bit()
      • isIntel

        public static final boolean isIntel()
      • isPPC

        public static final boolean isPPC()
      • isARM

        public static final boolean isARM()
      • isSPARC

        public static final boolean isSPARC()
      • getCanonicalArchitecture

        static String getCanonicalArchitecture(String arch)
      • getNativeLibraryResourcePrefix

        static String getNativeLibraryResourcePrefix()
        Generate a canonical String prefix based on the current OS type/arch/name.
      • getNativeLibraryResourcePrefix

        static String getNativeLibraryResourcePrefix(int osType,
                                                     String arch,
                                                     String name)
        Generate a canonical String prefix based on the given OS type/arch/name.
        osType - from getOSType()
        arch - from os.arch System property
        name - from System property
JNA API 4.2.0

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