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JNA API 4.2.1

Interface IMoniker

    • Method Detail

      • BindToObject

        void BindToObject()
        Binds to the specified object. The binding process involves finding the object, putting it into the running state if necessary, and providing the caller with a pointer to a specified interface on the identified object. HRESULT BindToObject( [in] IBindCtx *pbc, [in] IMoniker *pmkToLeft, [in] REFIID riidResult, [out] void **ppvResult );
        See Also:
      • BindToStorage

        void BindToStorage()
      • Reduce

        void Reduce()
      • ComposeWith

        void ComposeWith()
      • Enum

        void Enum()
      • IsEqual

        void IsEqual()
      • Hash

        void Hash()
      • IsRunning

        void IsRunning()
      • GetTimeOfLastChange

        void GetTimeOfLastChange()
      • Inverse

        void Inverse()
      • CommonPrefixWith

        void CommonPrefixWith()
      • GetDisplayName

        WinNT.HRESULT GetDisplayName(Pointer pbc,
                                     Pointer pmkToLeft,
                                     WTypes.BSTRByReference ppszDisplayName)
        Retrieves the display name for the moniker. HRESULT GetDisplayName( [in] IBindCtx *pbc, [in] IMoniker *pmkToLeft, [out] LPOLESTR *ppszDisplayName );
        See Also:
      • ParseDisplayName

        void ParseDisplayName()
      • IsSystemMoniker

        void IsSystemMoniker()
      • RelativePathTo

        void RelativePathTo()
JNA API 4.2.1

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