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JNA API 4.2.1

Interface IConnectionPoint

  • public interface IConnectionPoint
    • Method Detail

      • advise

        IComEventCallbackCookie advise(Class<?> comEventCallbackInterface,
                                       IComEventCallbackListener comEventCallbackListener)
                                throws COMException
        Set up the comEventCallbackListener to receive callback events from the target COM object
        comEventCallbackInterface - - the COM interface that the listener will receive events from
        comEventCallbackListener - - and object that will receive the callback events
        - a cookie that can be used to detach (unadvise) the event callback listener throws COMException if an error occurs trying to set up the listener on the target COM object, see exception cause for details.
      • unadvise

        void unadvise(Class<?> comEventCallbackInterface,
                      IComEventCallbackCookie cookie)
        Stop listening for callback events
        comEventCallbackInterface - - the interface that is being listened to
        cookie - - the cookie that was returned when advise was called
JNA API 4.2.1

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