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JNA API 4.2.1

Interface NtDll

    • Field Detail

      • INSTANCE

        static final NtDll INSTANCE
    • Method Detail

      • ZwQueryKey

        int ZwQueryKey(WinNT.HANDLE KeyHandle,
                       int KeyInformationClass,
                       Structure KeyInformation,
                       int Length,
                       IntByReference ResultLength)
        The ZwQueryKey routine provides information about the class of a registry key, and the number and sizes of its subkeys.
        KeyHandle - Handle to the registry key to obtain information about. This handle is created by a successful call to ZwCreateKey or ZwOpenKey.
        KeyInformationClass - Specifies a KEY_INFORMATION_CLASS value that determines the type of information returned in the KeyInformation buffer.
        KeyInformation - Pointer to a caller-allocated buffer that receives the requested information.
        Length - Specifies the size, in bytes, of the KeyInformation buffer.
        ResultLength - Pointer to a variable that receives the size, in bytes, of the requested key information. If ZwQueryKey returns STATUS_SUCCESS, the variable contains the amount of data returned. If ZwQueryKey returns STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW or STATUS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL, you can use the value of the variable to determine the required buffer size.
        ZwQueryKey returns STATUS_SUCCESS on success, or the appropriate error code on failure.
JNA API 4.2.1

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