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JNA API 4.2.1

Class WinNT.ACCESS_ACEStructure

    • Field Detail

      • Mask

        public int Mask
      • SidStart

        public WinDef.DWORD SidStart
        first 4 bytes of the SID
    • Constructor Detail

      • ACCESS_ACEStructure

        public ACCESS_ACEStructure()
      • ACCESS_ACEStructure

        public ACCESS_ACEStructure(Pointer p)
    • Method Detail

      • getFieldOrder

        protected List getFieldOrder()
        Description copied from class: Structure
        Return this Structure's field names in their proper order. For example,
         protected List getFieldOrder() {
             return Arrays.asList(new String[] { ... });
        IMPORTANT When deriving from an existing Structure subclass, ensure that you augment the list provided by the superclass, e.g.
         protected List getFieldOrder() {
             List fields = new ArrayList(super.getFieldOrder());
             fields.addAll(Arrays.asList(new String[] { ... }));
             return fields;
        Field order must be explicitly indicated, since the field order as returned by Class.getFields() is not guaranteed to be predictable.
        getFieldOrder in class WinNT.ACEStructure
        ordered list of field names
JNA API 4.2.1

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