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JNA API 4.5.2

Class Advapi32Util.EventLogIterator

    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor and Description
      EventLogIterator(java.lang.String sourceName) 
      EventLogIterator(java.lang.String serverName, java.lang.String sourceName, int flags) 
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method and Description
      void close()
      Call close() in the case when the caller needs to abandon the iterator before the iteration completes.
      boolean hasNext() 
      java.util.Iterator<Advapi32Util.EventLogRecord> iterator() 
      Advapi32Util.EventLogRecord next() 
      void remove() 
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    • Constructor Detail

      • EventLogIterator

        public EventLogIterator(java.lang.String sourceName)
      • EventLogIterator

        public EventLogIterator(java.lang.String serverName,
                                java.lang.String sourceName,
                                int flags)
JNA API 4.5.2

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