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JNA API 4.5.2

Class TlbAbstractMethod

    • Field Detail

      • methodName

        protected java.lang.String methodName
      • docStr

        protected java.lang.String docStr
      • vtableId

        protected short vtableId
      • paramCount

        protected short paramCount
      • returnType

        protected java.lang.String returnType
      • methodparams

        protected java.lang.String methodparams
      • methodvariables

        protected java.lang.String methodvariables
    • Constructor Detail

      • TlbAbstractMethod

        public TlbAbstractMethod(int index,
                                 TypeLibUtil typeLibUtil,
                                 OaIdl.FUNCDESC funcDesc,
                                 TypeInfoUtil typeInfoUtil)
        Instantiates a new tlb function.
        index - the index
        typeLibUtil - the type lib util
        funcDesc - the func desc
        typeInfoUtil - the type info util
    • Method Detail

      • getMethodName

        public java.lang.String getMethodName()
      • getDocStr

        public java.lang.String getDocStr()
      • getVarType

        protected java.lang.String getVarType(WTypes.VARTYPE vt)
        Gets the var type.
        vt - the vt
        the var type
      • getUserdefinedType

        protected java.lang.String getUserdefinedType(OaIdl.HREFTYPE hreftype)
      • getType

        protected java.lang.String getType(OaIdl.FUNCDESC funcDesc)
      • getType

        protected java.lang.String getType(OaIdl.ELEMDESC elemDesc)
      • getType

        protected java.lang.String getType(OaIdl.TYPEDESC typeDesc)
      • replaceJavaKeyword

        protected java.lang.String replaceJavaKeyword(java.lang.String name)
JNA API 4.5.2

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