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JNA API 4.5.2

Interface DdemlUtil.ConnectHandler

  • Enclosing class:

    public static interface DdemlUtil.ConnectHandler
    • Method Detail

      • onConnect

        boolean onConnect(int transactionType,
                          Ddeml.HSZ topic,
                          Ddeml.HSZ service,
                          Ddeml.CONVCONTEXT convcontext,
                          boolean sameInstance)
        A client uses the XTYP_CONNECT transaction to establish a conversation. A Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) server callback function, DdeCallback, receives this transaction when a client specifies a service name that the server supports (and a topic name that is not NULL) in a call to the DdeConnect function.
        transactionType - uType - The transaction type.
        topic - hsz1 - A handle to the topic name.
        service - hsz2 - A handle to the service name.
        convcontext - dwData1 - CONVCONTEXT structure that contains context information for the conversation. If the client is not a DDEML application, this parameter is NULL.
        sameInstance - dwData2 - Specifies whether the client is the same application instance as the server.
        true is connect can continue
JNA API 4.5.2

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