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JNA API 4.5.2

Interface DdemlUtil.ExecuteHandler

  • Enclosing class:

    public static interface DdemlUtil.ExecuteHandler
    • Method Detail

      • onExecute

        int onExecute(int transactionType,
                      Ddeml.HCONV hconv,
                      Ddeml.HSZ topic,
                      Ddeml.HDDEDATA commandString)
        A client uses the XTYP_EXECUTE transaction to send a command string to the server. A Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) server callback function, DdeCallback, receives this transaction when a client specifies XTYP_EXECUTE in the DdeClientTransaction function.


        This transaction is filtered if the server application specified the CBF_FAIL_EXECUTES flag in the DdeInitialize function.

        Because most client applications expect a server application to perform an XTYP_EXECUTE transaction synchronously, a server should attempt to perform all processing of the XTYP_EXECUTE transaction either from within the DDE callback function or by returning the CBR_BLOCK return code. If the hdata parameter is a command that instructs the server to terminate, the server should do so after processing the XTYP_EXECUTE transaction.

        transactionType - uType - The transaction type.
        hconv - A handle to the conversation.
        topic - hsz1 - A handle to the topic name.
        commandString - A handle to the command string.
        A server callback function should return DDE_FACK if it processes this transaction, DDE_FBUSY if it is too busy to process this transaction, or DDE_FNOTPROCESSED if it rejects this transaction.
JNA API 4.5.2

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