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JNA API 4.5.2


  • Enclosing interface:

    public static class Wininet.INTERNET_CACHE_ENTRY_INFO
    extends Structure
    Contains information about an entry in the Internet cache.
     typedef struct _INTERNET_CACHE_ENTRY_INFO {
       DWORD    dwStructSize;
       LPTSTR   lpszSourceUrlName;
       LPTSTR   lpszLocalFileName;
       DWORD    CacheEntryType;
       DWORD    dwUseCount;
       DWORD    dwHitRate;
       DWORD    dwSizeLow;
       DWORD    dwSizeHigh;
       FILETIME LastModifiedTime;
       FILETIME ExpireTime;
       FILETIME LastAccessTime;
       FILETIME LastSyncTime;
       LPTSTR   lpHeaderInfo;
       DWORD    dwHeaderInfoSize;
       LPTSTR   lpszFileExtension;
       union {
         DWORD dwReserved;
         DWORD dwExemptDelta;
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    • Field Detail

      • FIELDS

        public static final java.util.List<java.lang.String> FIELDS
      • dwStructSize

        public int dwStructSize
        Size of this structure, in bytes. This value can be used to help determine the version of the cache system.
      • lpszSourceUrlName

        public Pointer lpszSourceUrlName
        Pointer to a null-terminated string that contains the URL name. The string occupies the memory area at the end of this structure.
      • lpszLocalFileName

        public Pointer lpszLocalFileName
        Pointer to a null-terminated string that contains the local file name. The string occupies the memory area at the end of this structure.
      • CacheEntryType

        public int CacheEntryType
        A bitmask indicating the type of cache entry and its properties.
        The cache entry types include: history entries (URLHISTORY_CACHE_ENTRY), cookie entries (COOKIE_CACHE_ENTRY), and normal cached content (NORMAL_CACHE_ENTRY).

        This member can be zero or more of the following property flags, and cache type flags listed below.
        • EDITED_CACHE_ENTRY: Cache entry file that has been edited externally. This cache entry type is exempt from scavenging.
        • SPARSE_CACHE_ENTRY: Partial response cache entry.
        • STICKY_CACHE_ENTRY: Sticky cache entry that is exempt from scavenging for the amount of time specified by dwExemptDelta.
          The default value set by CommitUrlCacheEntryA and CommitUrlCacheEntryW is one day.
        • TRACK_OFFLINE_CACHE_ENTRY: Not currently implemented.
        • TRACK_ONLINE_CACHE_ENTRY: Not currently implemented.

        The following list contains the cache type flags.
        • COOKIE_CACHE_ENTRY: Cookie cache entry.
        • NORMAL_CACHE_ENTRY: Normal cache entry; can be deleted to recover space for new entries.
        • URLHISTORY_CACHE_ENTRY: Visited link cache entry.
      • dwUseCount

        public int dwUseCount
        Current number of WinInet callers using the cache entry.
      • dwHitRate

        public int dwHitRate
        Number of times the cache entry was retrieved.
      • dwSizeLow

        public int dwSizeLow
        Low-order portion of the file size, in bytes.
      • dwSizeHigh

        public int dwSizeHigh
        High-order portion of the file size, in bytes.
      • LastModifiedTime

        public WinBase.FILETIME LastModifiedTime
        FILETIME structure that contains the last modified time of this URL, in Greenwich mean time format.
      • ExpireTime

        public WinBase.FILETIME ExpireTime
        FILETIME structure that contains the expiration time of this file, in Greenwich mean time format.
      • LastAccessTime

        public WinBase.FILETIME LastAccessTime
        FILETIME structure that contains the last accessed time, in Greenwich mean time format.
      • LastSyncTime

        public WinBase.FILETIME LastSyncTime
        FILETIME structure that contains the last time the cache was synchronized.
      • lpHeaderInfo

        public Pointer lpHeaderInfo
        Pointer to a buffer that contains the header information. The buffer occupies the memory at the end of this structure.
      • dwHeaderInfoSize

        public int dwHeaderInfoSize
        Size of the lpHeaderInfo buffer, in TCHARs.
      • lpszFileExtension

        public Pointer lpszFileExtension
        Pointer to a string that contains the file name extension used to retrieve the data as a file. The string occupies the memory area at the end of this structure.
      • additional

        public byte[] additional
        Additional data (the path and URLs mentioned previously, and more)
    • Constructor Detail


        public INTERNET_CACHE_ENTRY_INFO(int size)
    • Method Detail

      • getFieldOrder

        protected java.util.List<java.lang.String> getFieldOrder()
        Description copied from class: Structure
        Return this Structure's field names in their proper order. For example,
         protected List getFieldOrder() {
             return Arrays.asList(new String[] { ... });
        IMPORTANT When deriving from an existing Structure subclass, ensure that you augment the list provided by the superclass, e.g.
         protected List getFieldOrder() {
             List fields = new ArrayList(super.getFieldOrder());
             fields.addAll(Arrays.asList(new String[] { ... }));
             return fields;
        Field order must be explicitly indicated, since the field order as returned by Class.getFields() is not guaranteed to be predictable.
        Specified by:
        getFieldOrder in class Structure
        ordered list of field names
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        Description copied from class: Structure
        If jna.dump_memory is true, will include a native memory dump of the Structure's backing memory.
        toString in class Structure
        String representation of this object.
JNA API 4.5.2

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