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JNA API 4.4.0

Class NativeString

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    CharSequence, Comparable

    class NativeString
    extends Object
    implements CharSequence, Comparable
    Provides a temporary allocation of an immutable C string (const char* or const wchar_t*) for use when converting a Java String into a native memory function argument.
    Todd Fast,,
    • Constructor Detail

      • NativeString

        public NativeString(String string,
                            boolean wide)
        Create a native string as a NUL-terminated array of wchar_t (if wide is true) or char.

        If not wide, the encoding is obtained from Native.getDefaultStringEncoding().

        string - value to write to native memory
        wide - whether to store the String as wchar_t
      • NativeString

        public NativeString(WString string)
        Create a native string as a NUL-terminated array of wchar_t.
      • NativeString

        public NativeString(String string,
                            String encoding)
        Create a native string (NUL-terminated array of char), using the requested encoding.
JNA API 4.4.0

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