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JNA API 4.4.0

Class PointerType

    • Method Detail

      • nativeType

        public Class<?> nativeType()
        Description copied from interface: NativeMapped
        Indicate the native type used by this converter.
        Specified by:
        nativeType in interface NativeMapped
        Java class representation of the native type.
      • toNative

        public Object toNative()
        Convert this object to its native type (a Pointer).
        Specified by:
        toNative in interface NativeMapped
        Java representation of the original Java object converted to a native type.
      • getPointer

        public Pointer getPointer()
        Returns the associated native Pointer.
        Native pointer representation for this object.
      • setPointer

        public void setPointer(Pointer p)
      • fromNative

        public Object fromNative(Object nativeValue,
                                 FromNativeContext context)
        The default implementation simply creates a new instance of the class and assigns its pointer field. Override if you need different behavior, such as ensuring a single PointerType instance for each unique Pointer value, or instantiating a different PointerType subclass.
        Specified by:
        fromNative in interface NativeMapped
        nativeValue - Java representation of the native type to be converted.
        context - Context in which the conversion is taking place.
        Converted object.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        The hash code for a PointerType is the same as that for its pointer.
        hashCode in class Object
      • equals

        public boolean equals(Object o)
        Instances of PointerType with identical pointers compare equal by default.
        equals in class Object
JNA API 4.4.0

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